Large Coop Large Coop Future site of chicken coop, 2005 121817469 Original 8' x 8' coop, spring 2006 The original coop had two runs and the inside was divided in half. One for my Brahmas and the other side for my Muscovy Ducks. 121822398 View of the old coop from my garden area 121822397 Original 8' x 8' coop, spring 2007 With a new window 121817480 Starting on the expansion The coop will now be 16' long 121817481 Getting the new floor level 121817488 Adding more supports 121817486 Finished, level floor 121817491 Framing the new walls & starting on the roof 121817487 Complete with siding & now a new window is being framed in 121817483 Roofing being done 121817493 New window installed I got these windows from my parents' 1923 home in Portland, Oregon 121817490 East side of coop is painted Vent is installed and run is being built 121817484 Door primed & one coat of paint on the front 121817482 Door painted & second coat of paint on the front 121817485 Coop summer of 2009 121817492 Northern two runs 121821115 Spring 2010 121821116 Spring 2010 121822399 Spring 2010 121822395 Coop summer 2010 121818763 Trim around the pop holes 121823103 Summer 2010 My one hybrid Cottonwood is finally starting to shade my coop. I also planted a wisteria to cover the south & east pens. 121818765 Coop in early winter of 2010 121817489 Pop Door Covers I made these out of canvas tarp which I cut into squares and then into strips. I used nails to secure them to the coop. These still allow air flow and the chickens to come and go but they also block a lot of the cold wind we get. These are only on in the winter and are removed in the summer months. 121817724 Eastern two runs 121821117 Northern two runs 121821118 Western bantam run 121822391 There are three runs on the Northern side The last one is the NW run 121822393 Ramps I bought some boot-scraping door mats and cut them into squares. I then screwed them into the ramps the chickens use to go into their coops. This helps wipe their feet off before they enter and cuts down on the mud they track in and the shavings they track out. 121822394 Inside, looking east 121822396 Eastern pens 121823734 Painting one of the Northern pens 121823735 A nesting box 121823736 Eastern pen 121823737 A different view of my coops Photo by Leeshy Lou Photography 183620283 Coops 2012 188140726