Small Coop Small Coop This used to be my tree house when I was growing up in Portland. For a few years, it housed Muscovies in my parent's backyard after my dad modified it into a duck pen. My dad cut the legs off and he & my husband loaded it into the back of our truck. We made the 7+ hour drive home with it, getting about 10 miles a gallon the truck. :) It sat here for about a year before being moved to it's final location. 123005229 My husband rolled this all the way across the yard and sat it next to the goose/duck pens. 123005228 My husband mowing the pasture. :) 123005226 I came home one day from work the roof was started! :) However, the orientation of the coop itself left me wondering about cleaning it out...the coop is 6' x 4' and the way it is in this picture means 6' of reaching in to clean. 123005227 More working on it.... 123005025 I worked at removing staples and trying to save some of the hardware cloth (that stuff is expensive!) 123005026 One of the many great things about the use of a backhoe! Here, my husband is leaving off a spot for the runs. 123005023 Again, leveling off a spot for the runs. 123005024 Now it's nice and kind of level. This was another "Heather job." I had to get a rake and try to level it out even more. 123005027 My husband moved it so we could level the foundation blocks I bought for it. This way, I'm hoping it will keep the posts from rotting any more and make the underside of the coop easier to clean. 123005030 Here are the concrete foundation blocks, in place and level. That was a pain! 123005031 Notice the look on my husband's face. Apparently, I'm supposed to be helping and not taking pictures. 123005028 Cash, supervising. 123005029 Working the coop back towards the blocks. 123005032 Again, the expression here says more than words possibly can. HA! 123005033 I think this is the "deciding what to do next" photo. The coop is on the blocks but not sitting level. We ended up showing some shims under one corner to level it out. I don't want chickens with one leg longer than the other. :) 123005037 Here is the newest coop's proximity to the existing coop. Not too bad. I have to go out there anyway to feed/water the ducks and geese. 123005038 Next, he asked me if I wanted TWO breeds in here. Ahem...what? Really? Did you have to ask? Sure, why not! Yes, it makes it a little tight in here--I will probably only be able to get a quad or trio in each side but their runs will be huge and it will keep them warmer in the winter time! 123005034 With that, he started cutting the pop holes (aka chicken doors). We opted to put them in the floor because this coop is unprotected from the wind (it is on the north side of the existing coop) and will be unheated and uninsulated. 123005036 Framing out the first pop hole. 123005035 Here it is with the back wall and both pop holes in & framed. 123005022 Another photo. 123005039 There will be a wall down the middle, separating the two breeds. I will be 1/2 OSB and the upper half hardware cloth. This will allow good air flow without letting the roos grab each other through the wire. 123005021 Here it is this winter....full of the tubs I use to take my chickens to shows, a nesting box my FIL built me that I am still not sure where it's going to go...I am thinking the best solution is another coop? I am hoping to have this completed this summer (2011). The one goose pen on the side will be replaced by a run and the geese will have a large pasture area. You can see the Hank (the heeler) in this picture. Where he is will be the other run. 123005225 Doors, windows & run! Here it is after the doors were installed and it was painted. One of the two runs was done & stained with "redwood" stain. 131311873 Close up of the heavy-duty run door. These new run doors were made from 2x4's and are very heavy-duty. 131311872 Another shot of the newest coop. 131311874 Interior You can see the pop hole in the floor, the roost in the back and the nest box on the right. 131311876 Close up of interior A close can see the center divider in this photo, too. We decided to put OSB part way up the walls to prevent the roosters from fighting through the wire. We also used 1" wire to help eliminate the risk of the roosters pulling each other through the wire... 131311871 It's done! I was trying to show the proximity to the large coop... 131707479 I still need to plant some flowers around it... And a shade tree or two 131707481 The trim is done, the two runs are done and everything's all painted. There are even chickens living in each side! :) 131707478