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Hatching Eggs

Rare Feathers Farm® shipping is $17.50 per 1/2 dozen eggs for 2021. Sorry, we do not combine shipping.

In addition, you may have to wait a week or two for eggs to be shipped. Eggs are shipped in the order payment is received. Eggs are collected seven days a week, twice per day to ensure the freshest possible are sent.  We do not keep eggs sitting around. Eggs are NOT washed before being shipped. We make every effort to provide clean & fresh nesting material but anyone who has worked with ducks & geese knows it can be a challenge to get clean eggs, even in the best of conditions! We will not send dirty eggs. All eggs are individually wrapped to be shipped. Every egg collected is marked with the an initial of the breed and may contain a code which is unique to the breed, leg band or pen that the egg was collected from. This is for our own records.


All Spangled Russian Orolff Hatching Eggs Sumatra Hatching Eggs Sebastopol Hatching Eggs Large Fowl Chicks Adult Chickens DNA Sexed Sebastopols Rhode Island Red Hatching Eggs