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Hatching Eggs

*White Sebastopol Hatching Eggs 4+


Sebastopol geese weigh between 10 to 14 pounds.  Their feathers are curly and hang in long tendrils.  The neck feathers, however are smooth.  This feather mutation makes flight impossible.  Their eyes are a bright blue which is especially striking against their snow-white feathering.  They are very gentle and not at all aggressive. They make a beautiful flock for the homestead.

These birds do chill easier than other breeds because water does not wick off of their feathers like other goose & duck breeds. Water, snow and wind can penetrate their feathers quite easily so they require more shelter than a common goose.  They are not aggressive and because they cannot fly, they will easily fall prey to dogs, fox and coyotes.  Providing them with a kiddie pool of water will keep their bright white feathers in pristine condition but they don't need a pond to breed.

*There is a slight chance a gray saddleback may hatch--so please keep this in mind.

Please keep in mind that goose eggs are much harder to hatch than chicken eggs. If you have never hatched shipped eggs, I recommend you start with chicken eggs. If you have never hatched waterfowl eggs, start with duck eggs. Goose eggs are very difficult to hatch for an inexperienced person.

I do guarantee fertile eggs but I cannot guarantee your hatch rates due to handling by the USPS, your incubation practices, etc.

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